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Informations générales
Nom & Prénom : OUMEZZINE Marwène
Email :
Adresse :

Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Materials, Faculty of Sciences of Monastir, University of Monastir, 5019 Monastir (TUNISIA).


Sciences des Matériaux

Scolarité & Diplômes
April 2022: HABILITATION TO SUPERVISE RESEARCH (HDR) in Materials Science (University of Monastir).
November 2015: PhD Degree in Physics and Materials Science (University of Monastir & UEB).
Dissertation: Physicol-Chemical studies of the (La,Ba)MnO3 perovskite and related compounds, synthesized in ceramic and thin film forms by solid-state reaction and sol-gel techniques.

👉 Teaching (graduate level)

✔ Introduction to Crystallography

✔ Electricity & Magnetism

✔ Classical Mechanics

✔ Zeeman Effect and Spectral Splitting

✔ Electromagnetism


👉 Teaching (Master's Degrees)

✔ X-ray and Neutron diffraction

✔ Renewable energy

✔Structure profile refinement

✔Characterization techniques


My current research interests include investigating structural, magnetic, magnetocaloric and electrical transport properties. My reserach interest focuses on magnetic materials for energy applications, including soft magnetic and magnetocaloric materials. I am mostly interested in the following areas focused in theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics:

✔ The magnetocaloric effect,

✔ Thermodynamics,

✔ Electrical conduction mechanism,

✔ Thermoelectric power studies,

✔ Critical phenomena,

✔ Rietveld refinement,

✔ Magnetism and magnetic materials,

✔ Thin film deposition.


👉Science / technical specialty:

✔ Experimentalist in solid state physics
✔ Properties: Magnetic, transport and calorimetric measurements (SQUID, PPMS);
✔ XRD diffraction (D8 Brüker Advance);
✔ Scanning electron microscope (SEM, EDX, FEG-SEM, TEM);
✔ Materials: Mainly oxides and Ferrites

Publications Topics: 

Curie temperature, magnetisation, magnetocaloric effects, X-ray chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction, ferromagnetic materials, ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions, critical exponents, Epitaxial thin films, PLD, XPS, Giant magnetoresistance effects, ferrites, manganites, Magnetic anisotropy, Dielectric properties

👉 Selected Publications: 

[1] Ma. Oumezzine, C.F. Chirila, I. Pasuk, A.C. Galca, A. Leca, B. Borca, V. Kuncser, Materials 202215, 8003.
[2] A.C. Galca, Ma. Oumezzine, A. Leca, C.F. Chirila, V. Kuncser, A. Kuncser, C. Ghica, I. Pasuk, M. Oumezzine, Structure, Appl. Phys. Lett. 111 (2017), 182409.
[3] Ma. Oumezzine, A. C. Galca, I. Pasuk, C. F. Chirila, A. Leca, V. Kuncser, L. C. Tanase, A. Kuncser, C. Ghica, M. Oumezzine, Dalton Trans. 45,15034 (2016).
[4] Ma. Oumezzine, H.B. Sales, A. Selmi, E.K. Hlil, RSC Adv. 9, 25627 (2019).
[5] Ma. Oumezzine, J. S. Amaral, F. J. Mompean, M. G. Hernandez and M. Oumezzine, RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 32193.
[6] Ma. Oumezzine, O. Hassayoun, R. Bellouz, H. B. Sales and E. Hlil, J. Alloys Compd., 2017, 729, 156.
[7] Ma. Oumezzine, S. Zemni and O. Peña, J. Alloys Compd., 2010, 508, 292.
A complete list of publications is available upon request


Expérience professionnelle

( from Sept. 2022 – to date ) - Assistant Professor in Materials Sciences - University of Monastir-Issat Mahdia

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (TUNISIA),,
( from Feb 2017 – to Sept. 2022 ) - Assistant Professor in Materials Sciences- University of Gafsa- Faculty of Sciences of Gafsa
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (TUNISIA),,
(from Sep 2011– to Jun 2013): Internship in University of Rennes 1, Institue Sciences Chimiques de Rennes UMR 6226 (France).
2013-2014:  Internship in Multifunctional Ferroic Ceramics and Nanostructures group, University of Aveiro (Portugal).
2013-2014: Internship in Universitat de Madrid, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (ICMM) (Spain).
Since 2013 : Internship in National Institute of Materials Physics in Bucharest (Romania).
Membre association
✔ Member of organizing committee of Tunisian Crystallographic Association
✔ Member of Tunisian Crystallographic Association
✔ Member of European Young Crystallographers Group
✔ Tunisia delegate in the International Union of Crystallography



Seminars: Organizer of Tunisian Powder Diffraction School 2022 Monastir (Tunisia) 27-30th Mars 2022.

Mar 2023 : Pedagogical trainer in teaching methodology- University of Monastir