International Conference on Environmental Pollution, Risk Assesment and Remediation ICEPRAR 2018
Date de création: 01 Mar 2018

Environmental pollutants can originate from manmade activities or can be naturally present in the environment. They might be present in the soil, water, air and can enter the food chain. The population might get exposed to these pollutants via inhalation, contaminated food and water or through skin contact. The presence of these contaminants in the environment and the food web might have an important impact on the environment and public health.

On behalf of Sciensano and the Research unit of Analysis and Process Applied to the Environment -ISSAT-Mahdia we cordially invite you to take part in the International conference on environmental pollution, risk assessment and remediation in Mahdia, Tunesia from 18 to 20April, 2018.The symposium is organized in the framework of the project “Impact of water pollution on Public Health in Northern Africa” (H2OPOL) and was financed by the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO).
The ICEPRAR conference brings together scientists from academia, laboratories and industry, control authorities and representatives of national and international agencies from Europe and Africa to exchange scientific results and to discuss chemical contamination of the environment and the food chain, environmental remediation, risk assessment and public health impact. We have 9 invited lectures, 26 oral presentations and 89 poster presentations which will be presented during parallel sessions on Environment and Health Impact, Water, Air, Soil and Food contamination and Environmental remediation. We will also have a seminar on the European Infrastructure project Metrofood and a vendor seminar on Mass Spectrometry of Sciex. Sciensano, a new born federal research centre in Belgium, finds its foundation in the concept of 'One Health', whereby human health, animal health and the environment are intrinsically linked and in constant interaction. A special poster session is dedicated to the research performed on chemical and physical health risks within Sciensano.
It would be a great pleasure to welcome you at our conference in Mahdia!
Joris Van Loco & Hedi Ben Mansour
Chairs of the organizing committee